Here you can find answers to most of the questions you might have.

How does it work?

-Each week we have a different menu that is published on Thursdays. The meals are $5 plus taxes. (min. order: 10 meals)
-The deadline to order is Saturday at 5pm.
-On Mondays the meals can be picked up or we can deliver them to you for an extra charge (price determined by location)
-All payments must be in advanced.

Are there only two menus?

Yes, we have two meal options every week and you can order minimum 5 of each.

Can I make any substitutions?

Yes, as long as it is included in the list of ingredients we provide at no extra charge. If you wish to see the list, please contact us.

What if I don’t like anything from the menu or the list provided? Can I still make substitutions?

Yes, no problem! It has an extra charge of $7-$9 depending on the substitution. We also provide an extensive variety of delicious custom meals.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can reach up to 25 miles from our location.

How much is the delivery fee?

They vary from $7 to $15 depending on your location. This information will be provided to you at checkout.

Is this a subscription meal plan?

No, it is not. The payments are weekly and you can stop ordering any time.

When will I know what the menu is going to be?

We publish them every Thursday.

What if I have a food allergy?

We will do our best to accommodate any food allergies we are made aware of. Please note, however, ALL meals are prepared in the same facility and this facility prepares products, including, but not limited to nuts, soy, dairy, and shellfish. Mr. Meal is not responsible for any illness that may occur due to a food allergy.

How long do the meals last?

The meals are carefully crafted to last 5-6 days from the day you receive them. You can also freeze them so they can last up to two weeks and simply let them thaw in the fridge; however, this is not ideal.

How do I heat my meals up and where?

All of our meals are made so they can be warmed up in the microwave for 1:45 to 2:00 minutes. If you wish, you can also do so on a skillet or oven - please remove the food from the container.